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Hey Jude Boracay Hotel Resort

The Boracay resort of Hey! Jude is located at the D’Mall in the Boat Station 2 of Central Boracay. A plethora of outdoor bars, themed cafes, and resort are readily available on this side of the island, in addition to the glowing nightlife and beach holidays that can be found on the White Beach Boracay.


Hey! Jude Boracay Hotel brings convenience to both rest and recreation at its unique and ready Boracay accommodation. Comfy and well-appointed, Boracay resort rooms at Hey! Jude are laidback relaxation retreats from the island’s glowing nightlife.


  • Two (2) Double beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Hot & cold rain showers
  • Cable television
  • Telephone
  • Room safe
  • Free Wi-Fi Access
    Single/ Double Occupancy
    Deluxe Room for 1 or 2 persons
    Triple Occupancy
    Deluxe Room for 3 persons


Hey! Jude’s famous “Guests First” philosophy readily translates into a variety of beach holiday activities sure to interest diverse guests at our Boracay beach resort. From outdoor sports to beach parties and detox facilities, the destination white beach Boracay of Hey! Jude hotel puts in one place all the key ingredients of an ultimate vacation at hotel Boracay Philippines in the island.

Hey! Jude Bar & Bistro

Guests keep coming at the Hey! Jude Bar & Bistro in Boracay beach for the imaginative drinks, great food, and the nonstop party. Be prepared for a festive mix of cocktails and beach air, alongside the company that you might find yourself dancing with till the sun comes up.

Boracay Island Adventure

For thrill-seekers of various skills level, guests can discover what makes the island so renowned by island-hopping with expert guides from Hey! Jude Boracay resort hotel . Or go on a deep-sea adventure by scuba diving. Or go snorkeling with the fishes. Our Boracay beach resort likewise offers other beach activities like kite boarding and wind surfing.

Rest and Relaxation

Providing a sharp counterpoint to the outdoor adventures and beach parties available at our resort in Hey! Jude Hotel, Boracay guests can also take a time off and detoxify using our spa and massage facilities. Yoga sessions are available and a must-have in every Boracay beach holiday at Hey! Jude Hotel Boracay in Philippines.

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